Transformation of Laboratory’s Work into One-Stop Digital Laboratory

Laboratory Information Management System

WIDE LIMS is leader LIMS software provider from Thailand.

WIDE LIMS build with web-based and thin-client architecture, tailored to manage organization’s critical laboratory information across it’s wide range of service laboratories and manufacturing laboratories to optimize productivity and more efficiently.

Web Base & Thin Client Architecture

  •  Secured enterprise-wide access and visibility.
  •  High-Performance, Reliability and Scalability.
  •  Collaboration with Latest Microsoft Technology.
  •  Single-Sign On with Microsoft Windows AD.
  •  Fully Support Thai/English Language.
  • Multiple-Labs, Remote Staff and Customer

  •  Centralized Application, Users can access system via local intranet or by internet.
  •  Multiple Labs supported with easily configure.
  •  Mobile & PDAs Client also available.

  • Laboratory Management and Monitoring

  •  Labs Quality Control.
  •  Create dynamic Labs result.
  •  Analysis task monitoring.
  •  Automate Labs workflow.
  •  Traceability.
  • System Integration

  •  Integrate with ERP System (e.g. SAP).
  •  Integrate Worksheet with Microsoft Excel.
  •  Integrate with Document Management.
  •  Instrument Data integration.

  • Customer Online Results and Tracking

  •  Allows customer to track status and result online.
  •  Automate result notification and digital signature.

  • Achieving High Performance and Reliability

  •  Built with Latest Microsoft .NET Platform.
  •  Support Microsoft SharePoint.
  •  Support since Microsoft SQL Server Express.
  •  Support Multiple site with central management.
  • Express Edition

    for Services Labs

    Express Edition

    for QA/QC Labs

    Standard Edition

    One Stop LIMS
    for All Labs

    Advance Edition

    Full Features Labs

    WIDE LIMS Editions