Transform Paper Work into Digital Document and Workflow
"Document Control Center"

How hard to start

With web base system and simple nice interface, customer who new to the system can learn in less than half a day.

Can I import existing documents

We offer the tools to import the documents to the system, which you can prepare the information in Excel.

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Document Reading on Device.

The announcement document can be search and direct open from the system.


Process Step and Status for Tracking

Each job step and status present on top of the form.

Key only the required information.


Quality Management

Features of Document Control Center

Control of QM , QP , Forms and Documents from Online Workspace via Work Flow Automation

  • Define Standard, Document Type and Document Template.
  • Document Control by Organization.
  • Document Approval Workflow.
  • Document Relation.
  • Document Revision Control.
  • Control Original Source Document.
  • Advance Features You Can Choose

  • Organization Info Integration.
  • Online Viewer and Printing Control.
  • Advance Permission Control.
  • Document Processing and Conversion Engine.
  • Process SLA Controlling.
  • Report Customization.
  • Data Migration Tools.
  • Document Review Interval and Life Time.
  • Services

    Enhancement & Customization