Epsilon Product

Epsilon Work Flow

We provide both
  • Existing clound service
  • Project implentation service
  • to match your business process and workflow.

    "We work hard to bring the best service to customers."

    Epsilon WIDE LIMS

    We provide both
  • On-Premise Software Package
  • Product with mobile ready
  • With customizable to suite your company process.

    "We alway make the best business solution platform for our products."


    Who We Are?


    EPSILON SOLUTION found by a group of IT People who experienced in leading IT company for more than 10 years.

    All founders have the same question, why IT Solution was difficult to use or understand for normal user?

    From this vision, EPSILON was found in July 2007 to bring IT Solution to meet business with advantage of simplicity, fast implementation and reasonable cost.